About Gentlemen Host®

A remarkable program, the Gentlemen Host® Program exists within the cruise line industry. With a growing number of women traveling independently, prominent cruise lines and river boat companies make it possible for interesting, sociable and admirable men to serve as dance hosts aboard their vessels. Our charming Gentlemen Host® accompany all guests as invited goodwill ambassadors, dance partners and public relations representatives.

Who make great Gentlemen Host®?

  • Single men, 40 to 68 years old, who are still young at heart.

  • Very sociable gentlemen with excellent manners. Good minglers who enjoy dining, dancing, games, shipboard activities, and touring ashore with all guests.

  • Always dancers! Especially single men who have taken social ballroom dance classes.

  • Kind, honorable and smiling community-minded volunteers.

What benefits do our Gentlemen Host® receive?

  • Passenger cabin accommodations

  • Dining room privileges

  • Beverage and laundry allowances

  • Round-trip airfare for some cruises

  • Often inclusion in shore excursions

  • A gratuities allowance from most cruise lines

  • A chance to travel the world with new friends

The Gentlemen Host® Program has become a successful and highly respected part of the cruise line industry. Many of our Hosts have backgrounds in the areas of business, law, finance, travel, medicine, education and military. Most of our Hosts are retired or semi-retired. We do not recognize or require a specific dance "certificate" nor do we require attendance at any school for dance hosts. We ensure that our Hosts meet the highest standards through referral interviews, personal meetings, and dance reviews with professional dancer instructors. This level of quality and integrity allows us to provide the cruise lines with our Hosts who are caring, outgoing, and excellent social dancers. We continue to raise the dance host standards within the cruise industry.

Won't you help us to continue this tradition? If you know of someone who might be a candidate for the Gentlemen Host® Program, or you think you may be qualified yourself, please fill out our information request form. Gentlemen Host® pay a nominal fee of $30.00 per day aboard most vessels.


The qualifications require that a Gentlemen Host® have a very outgoing personality. He must be able to easily mix with a wide range of people, be a good-excellent dancer and have the energy/enthusiasm to be with people for long periods of time every day and evening while traveling in this position. We are seeking diplomatic and sincere volunteers. A volunteer is someone who can easily put the other's needs ahead of their own and can take the lead in helping guests have a good time.

Are you...

  • A single gentleman?

  • 40 years of age or older?

  • A good dancer?

  • Physically fit?

  • Fluent in English?

  • A moderate or nondrinker?

  • A good listener?

  • A good conversationalist?

  • Preferably a nonsmoker?

Can you...

  • Socialize specifically with all single ladies over 50 years of age?

  • Refrain from showing favoritism towards any special lady or group?

  • Socialize with all guests? Be comfortable initiating conversations?

  • Remain courteous to guests and staff at all times?

  • Graciously host a dining table?

  • Be comfortable with formal manners at gatherings and events as well as more casual situations?

  • Maintain orderliness and sobriety at all times?

  • Participate in games or activities and be visible in the daytime to chat and mix with guests?

  • Perform other duties or assist with special events as requested by Cruise Director or Staff?

  • See yourself as an Auxiliary Staff member and anticipate whatever needs doing?

  • Assist with shore excursion tours when requested?

  • Be actively involved during the daytime and evening?

  • Be immaculately groomed and have an adequate cruise wardrobe, consisting of a black tuxedo, white dinner jacket, navy blazer, suits, sports jackets, and appropriate casual sports clothes?

  • Afford air transportation from a distant port if your disembarkation by a cruise director becomes necessary due to your inappropriate conduct?

  • Be current with passport, inoculations, travel & health insurance & visas when needed?

  • Dance, dance, dance? "Dancing Every Dance is Primary".

  • Smile, smile, smile?

If so, then we would love to have you aboard! If you see yourself fitting into the Gentlemen Host® Program, please send us the following information:

  • Completed General Application Form

  • Photos (snapshots are adequate and remain on file--prefer formal dress)

  • Past or Current Resume (if available)

  • Letter of Recommendation from your Travel Agent and other letters from business, church, or community people are particularly helpful

Once you have successfully completed a dance review and general meeting, and you have scheduled your first sailing, we will conduct a background check. This process will include a credit check, motor vehicle report and a criminal records search. You pay the fee for the background check (approximately $50.00). You may request a copy of your completed report.

There may be times when serious illness or injury may occur during the cruise, which may prevent a Gentlemen Host® from carrying out his responsibilities. If this situation occurs, the cruise director may find it necessary to ask the Gentlemen Host® to terminate the cruise. Should a Gentlemen Host® be disembarked at any port prior to his original planned disembarkation, it will be up to the Gentlemen Host® to arrange for his own return transportation.

Because of these risk factors, the cruise companies are insisting that all Gentlemen Host® have adequate insurance coverage. Accident & Illness coverage and emergency evacuation coverage are essential. Most will find that purchasing travel insurance will supply this coverage as well as provide other protections while cruising. We provide information about the type of travel insurance needed.

Our expectation is that it will never be necessary to disembark a Gentlemen Host®. The disembarkation policy is uniformly followed by other cruise companies and is one of the principal ways that the cruise industry can be assured that all Gentlemen Host® will perform their assignments as explained and affirmed. Fortunately, we find that the very best volunteers are wholeheartedly committed to a strong code of honor and moral ethics.

Compass Speakers and Entertainment Inc. is a management company assisting the cruise line companies in the coordination of the Gentlemen Host® Program. The current placement fee is $30 per day for every cruise that a Gentlemen Host® accepts. There is no application fee.

The cruise companies consider a Gentlemen Host® to be a volunteer offering a position of assistance. The Gentlemen Host® is neither a working independent contractor, an employee, nor would a Gentlemen Host® be an employee of Compass Speakers and Entertainment Inc.

The cruise companies and Compass Speakers and Entertainment Inc. hold the right to amend or cancel the assignment of any and/or all cruise dates at any time without cause or prior notice.

The adventure of Gentlemen Hosting with a cruise company can be a mutually beneficial experience for the right men. Our aim is to assist you in establishing a unique and rewarding way to be in service to other people, enjoy all the good hearted individuals you meet along the way, and enjoy your life more fully.

Check with us for the cruise company that offers the best opportunities to be part of the developing nucleus of Gentlemen Host®. Most cruise companies wish to form the best core-group volunteer teams. Volunteers are constantly being selected and matched by us. "Passengers" are on vacation the "volunteers" are not on vacation. "Shipboard volunteering" is helping work to achieve the best end results for the guests, staff, and cruise company.

If you are interested, please compile your information and return it promptly. We ask you to schedule and complete your dance review and then write to learn if your dance skills qualify you for a personal meeting date. If you are a person who naturally gives 110% commitment to what you do, do not delay--we want to meet you!

It is best to be prepared with a current, valid passport at all times. You will need to take one with you on any cruise regardless of destination. Please make sure you include your passport number on the application or indicate that you are applying for one. Also note the required insurance information.


A Gentlemen Host® needs to be a refined or cultivated dancer to be accepted into the program. (Often an astute Gentlemen Host® candidate will find his "natural ability" enhanced by taking additional training.) You will be asked to dance with a professional dance instructor. We will give you the names of specific dance deviewers in various cities who will spend approximately one half-hour to review your current level of dance proficiency and give you helpful tips. There is a fee payable (by the candidate) directly to the dance reviewer who then forwards us our review forms for your file. Since it is not practical to have a dance reviewer in each and every city, it may require some travel on your part to complete your dance review.

Please note: It is essential that a Gentlemen Host® be a competent (not expert) dancer, and he must have a proficiency in the basic steps of the social ballroom dances, fox-trot, waltz, swing, and the Latin rumba and cha-cha.

Neither championship training nor exhibition style is necessary. It is desired to have the Gentlemen Host® dance at the level of the lady to make her comfortable and help her look good. Please review the separate sheet that specifies dance ability guidelines.

Compass Speakers and Entertainment Inc. is proud to be
an associate member of USA DANCE.

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