The following guidelines are designed to familiarize you with the policies and procedures of COMPASS SPEAKERS AND ENTERTAINMENT INC. and the Luxury Cruise Lines we represent. In addition, we hope the information presented will help answer some of the many questions you may have prior to sailing.
The cruise line has asked that all questions pertaining to your cruise be directed to COMPASS. At no time should you or your travel companion contact the cruise line directly unless advised to do so by COMPASS.

To assist the Cruise Director in promoting your presentations, the following information should be prepared and emailed directly to COMPASS as soon as possible. If you do not have access to email, kindly FAX or send this information with your deposit.

Presentation/Project Titles: Please list your titles as you would like them to appear in the ship’s daily program. A brief 2-3 line description should follow the title. You should be prepared with one Lecture/Class per sea day (unless advised otherwise) and one or two additional in case of inclement weather or itinerary changes.

If you have sailed with us previously, you need not re-send the following information unless changes or updates are necessary.

Passenger Registration Form: This form is enclosed with your invoice and must be completed by all persons sailing.

Biography: Approximately 100-150 words written in the third person.

Program Information: A condensed version (10 to 20 lines) of your biography to be used in printed material.

Introduction Details: 5 to 10 lines highlighting your accom-plishments to be used for live introductions.

Special Equipment: Please advise if any special equipment will be needed for your presentations (i.e. slide projector, microphone, flip-chart, lectern, easel, etc.).

Photograph: If possible, please be prepared with an 8x10, black and white photo of yourself to be given to the Cruise Director for use in on board publications.

Book Sales & Signings: If you are an author and would like to have a book signing scheduled while you are aboard, please let us know in advance. In addition, many speakers donate a copy of their book to the ship’s library; gestures of this sort are very
much appreciated.

COMPASS has access to special air/sea fares at contracted, reduced rates (including one-way fares). One of the many benefits of these fares is their flexibility. In most cases, they are changeable/refundable subject to a nominal fee. However, please keep in mind that certain airlines often restrict mileage credit or the use of mileage for upgrades on contracted fares.

If you would like us to assist you with your air arrangements, please supply us with the names of those traveling, dates of travel, gateway city, carrier preference, seat preference and frequent flyer number. Please note that airfare purchased through COMPASS must be paid separately by check and no deviations are permitted once tickets have been issued.

Please be aware that transportation from the airport to the vessel is your personal responsibility unless advised otherwise. Post-cruise transfer arrangements may be available for purchase on board prior to disembarkation.

Please be reminded of the following increased security measures that have been put into effect in airports and ports around the world for your safety:

At Airports: Curbside check-in of baggage may not be permitted, and more thorough security checks of passengers and baggage will result in longer boarding processes and possible delays. Air passengers are required to check in a minimum of two hours prior to departure time for domestic flights, and a minimum of three hours prior for international flights.

At Ports: All passengers and baggage will be subject to search by US Customs or Foreign Authorities both at embarkation and disembarkation, and additional screening by Immigration officials.

Please be aware that access to many ports is being restricted and that friends and relatives dropping off and picking up passengers may experience delays.

Identification: It is extremely important that you carry a passport that is valid for at least six months beyond the duration of your trip. For cruises departing and returning to a US port, a passport, original birth certificate or a certified copy of your birth certificate is required. Driver’s licenses and voter’s registration cards are NOT sufficient documentation for cruises departing and retuning to a US port. Expired passports are no longer accepted as proof of citizenship. For non-US citizens a passport is required.

Depending upon your particular itinerary, inoculations and visas may be required and are your personal responsibility. A visa application kit may be included in the pre-cruise documentation provided by the Cruise Line. This information can also be obtained directly through a reliable visa service such as Zierer Visa Service. You can reach them in Washington, DC at 1-888-520-1143 or at

With regard to inoculations, we recommend you contact your personal physician, the Department of Public Health or the Centers for Disease Control ( to obtain current information and expert medical recommendations for the intended itinerary.

We strongly encourage you to acquire worldwide health and travel insurance prior to your departure. The cruise lines do not provide any coverage or protection regardless of circumstance.

It is always advisable to carry your passport, tickets, credit cards, valuables and any medications in your carry-on baggage.

In addition to the above, please keep in mind that each cruise line has specific guidelines with regard to attire, which range from casual to formal. All vessels will have scheduled formal evenings when gentleman will be expected to wear tuxedos or dark suits and ladies will want to be prepared with evening gowns or cocktail dresses. With the exception of QE2 Transatlantic Crossings, sailings of 8 days or less generally feature 2 formal nights while longer cruises usually have 3 or 4.

Please remember that, once on board, whenever you are in public you are “on stage.” How you conduct yourself in front of the guests will directly impact attendance at your presentations and ultimately your ratings.

Be approachable. Let the guests discover that you are willing to share your knowledge and insight through informal conversations, as well as during scheduled presentations. Remember that you are aboard to enhance their cruise experience.

Be satisfied with your assigned accommodations. Please do not try to change your cabin/suite or offer to pay for an upgrade under
any circumstances.

Please accept your assigned seating in the dining room; your preference may not always be possible.

Proper dress protocol should be observed in accordance with the Daily Program’s recommendation. With regard to your presentations, clothing appropriate to your position is expected.

Remember that guests always come first. Please keep this in mind with regard to seating in Public Areas, Entertainment Events, Tour Disembarkation, Dining Arrangements and Immigration Procedures.

Above all, please remember that this luxury cruise line has chosen to work with COMPASS because they want speakers, instructors and clergy who are not only consummate professionals, but also pleasant and easy to work with.

The Cruise Director is responsible for all Lecturers/Instructors and Religious Service Leaders. Please introduce yourself to him or her as soon as possible following your embarkation.

Please confirm with the Cruise Director that information pertaining to equipment requirements for your lectures/ classes/services has been received and will be available.

Remember that the Cruise Director and his/her staff are responsible for numerous activities on board; therefore, please try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible.

Be knowledgeable of your personal Lecturer Schedule so you are able to answer inquiries from guests, and please refrain from asking to be rescheduled from assigned locations and times.

Please check the Daily Program (delivered to your cabin each evening) to make sure there have been no changes to your originally scheduled time and location, and remember to be aware of time zone changes.

Please be fully prepared and at the assigned location 20 minutes prior to the commencement of your presentation.

Please ensure that the duration of each presentation does not exceed 60 minutes, as other activities may be scheduled directly after your own.

Full dry-cleaning and laundry services are available aboard ship and will be billed to your on board account. Self-service washers and dryers are also available on most of the vessels we represent.

All cabins and suites feature 110/220 volt outlets.

All vessels have medical facilities equipped to provide care for illness and accidents.

Official currency on board all vessels, with the exception of the Caronia, is the U.S. Dollar. The official currency of the Caronia is the British Pound. We encourage those sailing on this vessel to carry their personal funds in the form of traveler’s checks, which can be both cashed and purchased on board.

Please note that charges for services and products purchased on board the ship must be reconciled prior to disembarkation. Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted.

When traveling on board a Seabourn or Silversea vessel, gratuities are included. On all other vessels, gratuities are the responsibility of the Lecturer/Instructor/Clergy and are normally charged to your on board account.

You should not expect offers of remuneration or compensation, resulting from problems encountered by the vessel, to be extended to you or your companion.

At the end of each cruise a quality assurance questionnaire is distributed to all guests. Please feel free to complete this survey accordingly. However, we would ask that you reserve any negative comments/suggestions for your COMPASS post-cruise report.

Depending upon your position, your name and expertise may be included in the quality assurance questionnaire. At no time should you ever mention these “ratings” to guests in advance of their distribution, nor should you ever solicit ratings from guests. If you have been successful in socializing with guests and offering the best possible program to increase their enjoyment and enrichment on board, your ratings will reflect that.

Guests, crewmembers and other lecturers/instructors will often inquire about the financial aspect of your booking arrangements. Please do not, under any circumstance, discuss or exchange this information. Simply state that your engagement was coordinated through COMPASS SPEAKERS. It has been our experience that disclosure of this information inevitably leads to uninformed comparisons and creates an uncomfortable situation for all involved.

Upon your return home we would appreciate your sending us a brief report on your trip including but not limited to: the name of the Cruise Director, the number of presentations given, average attendance, your perceptions of your performance, any difficulties encountered, if weather (i.e. rough seas) was a factor, information you think might be helpful to future lecturers/instructors/clergy, etc. It would also be helpful if the Religious Service Leaders would take note of the supplies available on board and advise of anything that should be ordered for future religious holidays. This report can be emailed, faxed or sent via regular mail at your earliest convenience.

The cruise line will contact us directly with regard to the ratings and comments received pertaining to your performance. We will use this information, in conjunction with your cruise report, to determine future bookings.

IMPORTANT: One of our many responsibilities as an agent is to alleviate the ever increasing number of inquiries the cruise line receives regarding Lecturer/Instructor/Clergy positions. Therefore, all inquiries pertaining to subsequent bookings should be directed to COMPASS ONLY. Please be advised that any direct contact with the cruise line will jeopardize future bookings.

In closing, we thank you in advance for your adherence to these COMPASS Standards of Excellence, and hope you will feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. All of us at COMPASS SPEAKERS AND ENTERTAINMENT INC. wish you and your guest a pleasant and safe journey. We hope you enjoy yourselves and make the most of this fabulous travel opportunity!

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