We ask that our speakers be prepared to give a series of unique presentations. Each presentation should be approximately 45 minutes, with an additional Q&A of five to 10 minutes. The number of presentations that will be required is dependent on the specific cruise itinerary. In order to be qualified, the speaker must have at least five prepared lecture titles with one to two sentence synopses for each. All presentations are to be informative, engaging, and interactive.

Speaker Categories

  • Destination We are looking for qualified experts in one or more of the following areas: General History, Art History, Geography, Geology, Oceanography, Social Economics, Culture, as well as Wildlife Experts and Naturalists. All presentations must be itinerary specific, include visuals and be designed to enhance the guest's experience ashore.

  • Destination regions include the following: Mediterranean, Northern Europe & Baltic, Asia, Africa, Arabia & Indian Ocean, Antarctica, Caribbean, Mexico & Panama Canal, South America, Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific, Alaska & Pacific Coast, New England/Canada, and the transoceanic routes.
  • Special Interest We are looking for qualified experts in the following areas: Art, Film, Health, Music, Science, Theatre and World Affairs. Audio and visually enhanced presentations are preferred.*

    *We appreciate your interest in Compass Speakers, however, our current focus is Destination and Destination-Related Speakers. Incoming applications for Destination and Destination-Related Speakers will be responded to foremost. Special Interest Speakers should expect a delayed response time.


On most vessels, Compass Art Instructors should be prepared to give one fifty-five minute class per sea day. The mediums of interest include Watercolors, Pastels, Drawing and Sketching. The lessons should appeal to the beginner as well as the more advanced student, and there should always be an emphasis on fun and enjoyment.


On the majority of the vessels we represent, Compass Bridge Instructors should be prepared to present at least one 45-minute Bridge lesson and direct a two-hour session of Duplicate Bridge play per sea day. You are required to be both a Life Master and a certified American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) Director in order to provide master points, even if you are certified in your country of origin. You should be prepared to teach beginner and intermediate levels with an emphasis on enjoyment and education. Basic Bridge supplies are furnished by the cruise line, however please be prepared to bring your own laptop and lesson handouts. In exchange for these services, the cruise line provides the instructor and their guest with a double-occupancy passenger stateroom, all shipboard meals and many of the other facilities enjoyed by their full-fared guests. Depending on the cruise line and the amenities included, Compass Speakers and Entertainment Inc. receives a placement fee from the instructor.

Members of the Clergy should be prepared to conduct religious services for passengers and occasionally crew, and provide spiritual guidance to those who request it. In addition, non-denominational services may be required.

Clergy Categories
  • Catholic Priests
  • Rabbis
  • Protestant Ministers*

    *At this time, we are not accepting new applications for the onboard Protestant Minister position. Thank you for your interest, and please feel free to check back at a later time.

Gentlemen Hosts® must be single gentlemen, 40-68 years, who are refined social dancers, cultivated and distinguished gentlemen who enjoy enriching the lives of others. Our volunteer dance hosts possess the highest moral ethics, make friends easily and love to dance.

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